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Are blue ray glasses useful?

Time:2017-09-16 15:01 From:未知 Author:admin
Are blue ray glasses useful? In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, already cannot leave computer, notebook, tablet computers and other digital products, can be housebound work, life and entertainment, it is all via the Internet and the computer screen to display. While improving your productivity and enjoying your entertainment, your eyes are being hurt by blue light. Here is a brief introduction to the friend of myopia: anti-blue glasses.
What is blue light? Blue light is an important part of visible light, and there is no single white light in nature itself. The blue light is white with green and yellow light. Green and yellow light energy is smaller, less stimulation to the eyes, blue light wave is short, energy is high, can stimulate the retina of a kind of abnormal retinal, produce a large number of free radical ion, these free radicals ion increases the retinal damage to retinal pigment epithelium, thus cause the contraction of the retinal pigment epithelium, again caused death of light sensitive cells, the light sensitive cells of the deaths will lead to gradually decline and even complete loss of vision.
Blue light source: computers, mobile phones, bath bully, projector, laser pen, fluorescent lamp, LED flashlight, etc., there are certain blu-ray, certain effects on the vision, such as long time staring at the phone or computer, the eye will feel dry, fatigue, pain, and so on. It must be said, however, that blue light is only one of the factors contributing to these problems, as well as electromagnetic radiation, the screen itself, and the long-term neglect of rest. ?
Blue light is one of the factors that can affect eye fatigue, and anti-blue glasses can protect the eyes, especially those who stare at the screen for a long time. But when choosing the blu-ray lens, must pay attention to, glasses logo must have the authority of detection, glasses for blu-ray reached more than 97% of the block rate is valid, the experiment proved that if the block rate is less than 97%, the effect of protecting our eyes is not obvious. At present, Germany is more advanced in the technical aspects of blu-ray glasses.
Small but warm tip: people who face computer screen for a long time will lower brightness, warm color, and stop to rest their eyes regularly. Eat more vegetables, fruit, can drink green tea often, also good for the eye.
The above is the content of "anti-blue ray glasses", hoping to help you understand the blue ray glasses, in the purchase and wear, there is a question, you are welcome to consult online.

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