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Pure benzene: who can save pure benzene from the "bottlenec

Time:2017-09-16 14:44 From:未知 Author:admin
Run in 2017, from 16 years in the fourth quarter Abel chemical production in pure benzene increased demand, in turn, stimulates the global benzene price soaring high to high range, but as the market in March at high ability is insufficient, and environmental protection regulation increase pressure appeared in succession, pure benzene prices began to shake down in March, from 8000 yuan/ton high running near fell to 6300 yuan/ton. So far, domestic pure benzene market opened up a narrow and frequent adjustment situation, since April, the domestic market of pure benzene continued volatility within the range of 6000-6500 yuan/ton, pure benzene buying can always break through 6500 yuan/ton mark, and the bottleneck of pure benzene when can break?
Oil prices have also been trading around $45 - $53 a barrel since crude oil fell to a mid-low range, and oil prices have weakened the direction of commodity chemicals. Peripheral news has also had a relatively short impact on the market. For example, the recent unexpected effects of the us hurricane caused the rise of styrene, which in turn contributed to a wave of pure benzene, but limited gains. European and American markets, the world of pure benzene correlation is stronger, but as China has become the world's largest pure benzene consumption area, China's leading enhanced obviously, and changes in demand in China is greatly influenced the benzene price movements around the world, and China's import demand weakness since 2017 also inhibited the pure benzene prices to Asia, lack of operation opportunity. Therefore, it is difficult for the market to expect external factors to boost market conditions, and participants gradually increase their focus on supply and demand.
The start of the market news said two new downstream in shandong luxi chemical phase ii caprolactam, and Qingdao JianYe styrene device will produce in 17 years in the third quarter, the disappoint of pure benzene moves in the second quarter of market participants are still having positive expectations about future. But when pure benzene in environmental protection, safety production supervision increase pressure, especially on July 31, dongying aniline plant explosion, the shandong province within the scope of the new project put into production delays, this also means that the market is expected to "rescue" the new device to run on schedule, also makes the pure benzene in front of the traditional golden nine silver ten faces the dilemma.
Current has entered a golden nine, though the hurricane in the United States and styrene soaring under the stimulus of pure benzene also have edged up, but as news to stimulate, appeared new market is no good, so pure benzene market operation quick cooling, just need to consume and market does not have obvious increase, pure benzene port stocks remain at 13-140000 tons of high level, it also adds to the seller's market operation resistance, under the background of the buyer for the goods is not difficult, low downstream high willingness to chase, even if the current with styrene, aniline, such as led by the downstream derivatives still higher profit margins.
Therefore, it is still a problem that the market of pure benzene is still in the market. The deterioration of the environmental protection regulation in 2017, the central environmental protection inspection group frequent investigations, for greater influence on the downstream of pure benzene and terminal market, especially in north China is not in the factory of the industrial park is bigger, it also restricts the consumption of pure benzene. Since 2017 as remained pure benzene supply gap, as in refining device continue to put into production, and pure benzene monthly imports around 210000 tons, in pure benzene is not out of stock market, it also inhibited the pure benzene operating range.
It is still "demand" to save pure benzene directly from the bottleneck. Although the market is looking forward to 16 years in the fourth quarter of pure benzene soaring pomp can reproduce, but the new device in shandong still no specific date of production, and 19 in north China before the big environmental protection and safety production supervision remains relatively heavy, so the current demand side no exact good, pure benzene fundamentals remains uneven background, the domestic market of pure benzene exceed 6500 yuan/ton mark still needs time, specific focus on the 19th after the big new device could have put into production in shandong.

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